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Hila Assor


Singer & Voice Over Artist

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If you are looking for a professional singer or a voice over artist, you just found one!

  • Hight quality recordings
  • Fast delivery
  • Good prices

What I do

I am an international recording and performing artist

My vocals and voice over works have been used by Musicians, D.Js and Producers from all around the world

Voice Over

I will record an high quality voice over for your project. You provide the script and a detailed explanation about your project.


I will record beautiful vocals for your song. You provide the lyrics, backing track and a vocal guid.


 Want to order a performance? Here you will find my performing history and projects I took part in from arround the world       

Why me?

  • Hight quality recordings
  • Fast delivery
  • Good prices!

I provide a straightforward, personal and professional online recording service in order to produce the perfect vocal for your track without the need to shell out for an expensive studio. Whether you require lead vocals, backing vocals, vocal arrangement, voice over or even top line writing, the process will be as efficient and cost effective as possible. Over the many years I’ve been involved with vocals recording and performing, I’ve built an excellent reputation based on trust and  good service.

 I’m proud to say I’ve worked with many notable musicians, producers and D.Js

My recordings  have been used around the world both by independent and major recording and broadcasting companies.

Vocal versatility and  experience combine to create a one-stop-shop for professional vocal tracks.

 Prices depend on the scale of the project but will always remain competitive.


How It Works?

Here are a few simple steps which explains how we can start working on your new project together:


  • You contact with project outline/requirements.
  • I’ll respond with a price.
  • Once happy, we negotiate requirements to proceed with the project (backing track, vocal guide, lyrics etc.).
  • Once approved (and payment terms negotiated), all parts are recorded and stems forwarded in the required format.
  • Job done!

Some details: MP3 backing/guide tracks are fine.

Please specify the audio format you require. All common formats are supported, although it’s typical for clients to require WAV or AIFF @  24bit/44.1K. Once the project is under way, we’ll remain in contact to ensure the project runs smoothly for us both.

Any other questions – please ask

My performance gallery is full of videos and photos of projects I took part in. If you wish to book a performance click here:


If you want to order one of my services and looking for examples and inspiration, these are the galleries for you:

From My Clients

Here are some of the testimonials I received from my wonderful customers

“Just incredible. Working with Hila Assor has been incredible. Great communication. An incredible voice. I wrote a song that meant a lot to me and it was delivered with passion and emotion just what I was looking for. I look forward to working with you again”

“Exactly what you want when you want something done very well and very quick.”

“Hila was great! She was very in tune/on pitch and delivered an appropriate performance for the character of the song which dealt with a difficult subject matter, the 9/11 tragedy. I will certainly use her again for the next project that suits her voice.”

“This singer is simply a genius. This is the third time I have booked her to sing one of my songs and I cannot believe how good she is! Stunning work from a true professional.”

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